How to Track a Lost Phone

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today we discuss the topic of how to track a lost phone.

Sometimes we forget our phone, theft our phone we are totally afraid today I will tell you 2 tricks to find a lost phone.

Two ways to track your lost phone.

  1. By knowing the IMEI number of your phone.
  2. By sending them a trackable link.

By the first Method Finding the IMEI number of devices.

How to Track a Lost Phone
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Open your phone dial paid and type *#06# note down the number you will get screen like this as shown in the image

It’s Time to track the phone by using government sites

IMEI phone tracker app

Find Lost phone By sending them a traceable link:

How to Track a Lost Phone
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You will also get an email of the approximate location based user information.

1.The person will receive an SMS on his or her mobile with an interesting link to a website. This website is a normal site and has nothing to do with mobile phone tracking it helps us to find the victim’s IP(INTERNET PROTOCOL) address.
2.The person visits the website and his IP gets captured in the database. will start tracking When this link is opened, CellTrack will try to activate the GPS antenna and forward the location to your email.
3.You receive a notification. We will send you two Emails. The first email contains the IP address and a Google maps link to the approximate location of the person. The second email contains a Google maps link to the exact location of the person.

for this trick we use website called celltrack it helps you to create a trackable link

But Notedown one thing:

The phone can only be traced if it’s in some network. That means whenever the mobile phone comes into some mobile network or wifi connection, the llocation can be traced. But if the phone never comes into the network, it may not be traced even by using IMEI number

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