The most useful telegram bots for students

In this blog I was going to share some useful telegram bots for students that help you and save your lot of time so move on towards the blog
1. ytvideodownloader bot
This bot help you to download any youtube video in 240/360/720/1080p quality. This bot also covert video into mp3/mp4 check out once.

2. Fake mail bot
While surfing the web many website asks for email this bot give you Temporary mail everytime that helps you to getting safe from promotional and spam mails.

3. Whale bot
It provides on-demand charts, prices and market capitaliazation for most crypto coins. It”ll even let you know about upcoming ICOs.

4. File converter bot
This bot allows converting files from one format to another easily. It works with images,videos,and audio files.

5. Getmedia bot
This bot lets you receive cards events,perform actions, and create new cards.

6. Github bot
This bot will notify you about event in your public respositories. You can reply, comment or post to github from telegram

7. IMDB bot
telegram bots for movies Search and share IMDB movie article directly with this bot. This works online also, simply type @imdb in any chat, then type your query (without hitting ‘send’). This will open a panel with movies suggestions so you can choose the right.

8. Trending bot
Get trending topic around the world with this bot Google Searches, Google Trends, Twitter Trends, YouTube trending videos, Vimeo trending videos, etc.

9. Text to speech bot
Bot translates your text messages to audio. Simply set the language and voice type.

10. OmegaofTS bot
This bot help you to learn ethical hacking, programming, etc. The bot will manage by technicalsapien

This are the someuseful telegram bot for students.
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